Most of our work involves managing the entire search process from start to finish, including follow-up support and advice after the position has been filled. We also support clients who have a more limited budget, providing overall guidance, advice and resources at key steps in a client-directed search.



When you need to fill a leadership position, you want to move carefully, but quickly.  We are committed to a timely conclusion of your search.  We have developed a creative, comprehensive process that consistently produces outstanding results for our clients.  Most Ford Webb searches result in hiring decisions within 100 days.

We begin by using the information gathered during the strategic assessment phase to build a position paper for our client’s approval.  This forms the basis for initial dialogue with candidates and contacts and from it we are able to develop a clear mandate for the appointee.

As part of the planning process, we also develop a Search Plan that comprises mutually agreed upon steps, deadlines, recruitment strategy, final interview procedures, a schedule for implementation of the search, and any post-recruitment services.