Most of our work involves managing the entire search process from start to finish, including follow-up support and advice after the position has been filled. We also support clients who have a more limited budget, providing overall guidance, advice and resources at key steps in a client-directed search.



We believe it is our job to foster an open exchange between client and candidate, paving the way for probing questions about how candidates would deal with real challenges, situations, and problems. Informed candidates, who have a realistic understanding of an organization and its culture, will provide more meaningful answers and deliver a clearer picture of how they think, lead, approach problems and create solutions.

Ford Webb plays a critical role in the client interviews, encouraging candid give and take, pushing to maximize the depth of understanding that can be achieved between the parties. A conversation is begun with these interviews and we encourage clients and candidates to engage in a manner which begins to proximate their possible future relationship.

Our references on final candidates are extremely thorough and provide important information that confirms and augments the in-person interviews. We undertake telephone interviews with references supplied by the candidate and, with permission, others in a position to make judgements about a candidate’s performance. We pursue references until clear and consistent patterns emerge, asking for examples or situations that best illustrate a candidate’s abilities and style. These references are useful not only in determining whether the person is an appropriate fit, but also in determining how best to manage and utilize the candidate’s talents.

Ford Webb continues to partner with our client beyond the final hiring decision, generally playing a critical role in the end stages of the process. We assist, as needed, in the sensitive negotiations concerning terms and expectations of employment.