Most of our work involves managing the entire search process from start to finish, including follow-up support and advice after the position has been filled. We also support clients who have a more limited budget, providing overall guidance, advice and resources at key steps in a client-directed search.



Leadership transition has far-reaching and powerful implications.  A thoughtful executive search process greatly enhances an organization’s ability to capitalize on the opportunities afforded by a change in leadership.  To be successful, decision makers must frequently address critical issues of strategy and governance.  These issues frequently are difficult to acknowledge and even more difficult to confront and resolve.

Before any networking or search is launched, Ford Webb Associates plays a management consulting role.  In a candid information gathering process, we interview Board members, senior management, the current CEO, staff, stakeholders and others to become familiar with the requirements and expectations of the position.  We carefully consider the organization’s vision in the context of history, internal and external circumstances, and the influence of concerned groups and policy makers.

This in-depth needs analysis phase allows us to develop a thorough understanding of the responsibilities, accountabilities and circumstances of the position, including challenges facing the organization and the new leadership.  As objective participants, we may make recommendations that encourage a client to take a different approach, rethink the scope of the position, or even make other internal changes.  Many clients have commented on the enormous value their organizations have derived from this facet of Ford Webb’s services.