Most of our work involves managing the entire search process from start to finish, including follow-up support and advice after the position has been filled. We also support clients who have a more limited budget, providing overall guidance, advice and resources at key steps in a client-directed search.



When the planning phase is complete, Ford Webb begins a national search for candidates. We have purposely built a highly diversified client base to broaden our experience and resources for our clients. This allows us to avoid the conflict of interest and the ‘non-competes’ niche recruiters often face when promoting a narrowly defined network of prospective candidates. It also means we can call upon an extensive network of highly-placed contacts in a complementary range of disciplines and access a rich database that has been established and refined over our more than 20 years in this business.

We also employ additional telephone networking, including our clients networking ideas, and select advertising and targeted mailings to professionals in the appropriate fields. Building a rich pool of candidates is crucial and requires resourcefulness and tenacity. Frequently, the best potential candidates are not seeking new positions and therefore would not be reached by traditional hiring methods; they need to be recruited and their interest encouraged. With candid and thoughtful advocacy on a client’s behalf, Ford Webb is able to attract the energetic interest of top talent.

Our approach is to develop a range of applicants who represent several likely prototypes for a position. We initiate discussions with potential candidates, assess core competencies, review additional pertinent information and recommend a panel of candidates that we feel represent the best the marketplace has to offer.