Ford Webb Associates is a national executive search firm that provides a unique blend of top-level management consulting and strategic search capabilities.  Our role and contribution to the search process extends far beyond that of a typical recruitment firm and is distinguished by the emphasis we place on organizational analysis, strategic assessment and client counsel before the recruiting begins and throughout the process.

Our more than 20-year track record of attracting top talent in the not-for-profit and public sectors has enabled us to support our clients in making excellent hiring decisions.  We have successfully placed over 300 chief executives for international, national, regional, community-based and grass roots organizations. We have recruited university, college and foundation presidents and cabinet officers for 52 governors and many large city mayors.  The diversity of our experience is a constant asset to our clients, and includes recruiting CEOs of Fortune 500, start-up, service and manufacturing corporations.

Clients who retain Ford Webb Associates for their recruitment needs are gaining more than a search firm.  We are a full partner in the entire transition process, committed not only to the success of the immediate search, but also to the long-term goals and mission of the organization.  It is our rigorous strategic analysis and understanding of our client, our honest and transparent approach, together with our ability to build consensus among decision makers, which enables us to bring effective leadership to such a wide range of organizations.